Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about Genteel

Q: What's the difference between a conventional lancer and Genteel devices?

A: A conventional lancer gets blood because it lances so deeply that makes an actual wound that bleeds. Genteel uses vacuum to draw blood from the tiniest painless poke. Like every child knows who drinks soda through a straw, vacuum lifts liquid, so with Genteel blood draw does not have to hurt and squeezing is also no longer necessary.

Q: What is the difference between the Genteel Standard Device and Genteel Plus Devices?

A: Genteel Plus has all the inclusions the Genteel Standard Device and works just the same. The Plus range also a choice of colours, a travel / organiser pouch and clip and the Plus range can use a variety of lancets where the regular Device only comes in Blue and can only be used with Butterfly Touch Lancets.

Q: Where can I get a Genteel Device, lancets or parts & accessories in Australia or New Zealand?

A: Please contact any of the organisations listed on our 'Where to Buy' page or contact us.

Q: Where can I get help if my device isn't working correctly or I'm not sure I am using it right?

A: Please contact the organisation on our Where to Buy page who you purchased your Genteel Device from if you need help and if you still need help, contact us. There are a number of useful YouTube clips that may also solve your problem immediately found by searching 'Genteel'.

Got other questions? Contact your closest Genteel provider or contact us and let us help you stay pain free for blood drawing and testing.